Friday, March 9, 2012


Happy Friday!
I'm so happy it's Friday and the work week is finally over.
So happy I could could squeal with delight.
A little peeved we'll be pushing the clocks forward this weekend and I'll be robbed one hour of my precious weekend hours. 
Why they can't do the clock thing at 2pm on Wednesday is beyond me. 
Hey Ho.

Do you like these lovely log cabin blocks I made?

They are quite large, about 18 inches.

I made them a loooooonnng time ago.
Way back in the early days of this blog.

Apparently I had some grand plans to make a bunch of them into a quilt for our bed, but ground to a halt at just five.

I found them this evening after rummaging through one of the many hiding places I have for my fabrics and yarn.
And those hiding places are far too many, but I'm sure I'm not alone.
Rummaging whilst the men folk were bang banging away on the XBox and refusing to answer my pleas for a quick take away meal for dinner.
So phooey on them I say, I'm going to make some more log cabins. 
The dinner will wait.
Well at least until they come crying when their tummies are empty and the all the Xbox baddies have been slain.
I hope you're up to something fun this Friday evening!

Toodles....L x ♥


winkieflash said...

Hahaha yes! Forget about dinner, make cabinlog squares instead! :D
They look amazing by the way :)

Baa-Me Kniits said...

I agree go to the machine and let them eat toast! ;-) Definitely do some more they are beautiful!!

Helsie said...

Good idea. Get on with those blocks and make your quilt. You're off to a very good start!

Teje said...

Hi Louise! You have made so beautiful blocks! I love the colours and I think you have to make a quilt or something with them! I miss your patchwork header!
Have a great weekend! x Teje

marigold jam said...

Oh do make some more and make the quilt - they are lovely and together would make such a stunning bright coverlet. Hope your menfolk were occupied with their game long enough for you to make a couple more blocks?

Louise said...

I hope you got takeaway.Those are amazing such jewel colours. I hope you made more.

Louise said...

Hi louise

Love the patchwork,they would make a lovely quilt. I love Fridays, always have, especially if its takeaway night!!!

Boxoftrix said...

Love the log cabins, great colours!! hope you had a nice time stitching away at some more :)