Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Flowers Cross Stitch

Just popping by quickly to say 'hello' and hope that everyone had a lovely Easter.  We nipped off for a short jolly over the holiday with our lovely new caravan and enjoyed every second of it, but of course I forgot the camera!
Silly me.
I was inspired to post the above cross stitch by the lovely Louise From No.23.  I started many many years ago and haven't quite finished it (still needs to be outlined), but as I seemed to be having a crocheting/knitting/sewing slump, I'm hoping it will inspire me to finish it along with my horse.

Toodles...L x ♥


Louise said...

If I had a £1 for everytime Ive been somewhere nice and forgot the camera. Lucky you a caravan, Id love a Campervan.

louise x

Louise said...

How very lovely. Darn it no pictures of caravan inauguration? Next time maybe. Hope you had a great time.

Tea at Weasel's said...

Beautiful cross stitch! I'm looking forward to seeing it all complete. Will you frame it when it's done?

Thank you for the lovely comment o my knitted mitts :)

Louise xx