Friday, April 20, 2012

There and Back Again

Happy Friday!
I'm not doing very well with my blogging these days. Not doing well with much actually.  Even my crafting mojo has gone missing.  I'm hoping it's the lovely weather that has me just wanting to sit on my front veranda that is to blame.  Did you know it was 91F the other day in our mountains?  Last week we had snow.  Not sprinkles, but a full on snow storm.  Now that's plain crazy for April.  The weather must really have me out of sorts.  I have however, decided to revisit my Tappan Zee cardigan.  A very brave endeavor if you ask me.  I just wasn't sold on the cardigan I was crocheting and was determined to master this pattern.  I made several swatches to may sure my gauge was right and I had the mister double check my 'measurements' - he loved that.
So here we go again.....
Looking good so far :: Fingers Crossed.

Does it seem ridiculous that I found a rather large bag of yarn stuff in my wardrobe that I had 'forgotten' about?
I bought this yarn as a treat for Christmas and then forgot I had it.
Please tell me the forgetting is normal?

 Now, the big question is, what should I do with it? Hide it away to surprise me another day, or let it distract me from working on this?  Yes, yes, no progress on this mess since January. As you can see I've put the pictures back on the wall in the hope it will hide this mess.  Not really working is it?

 I must do something about it for three reasons:

Reason 1.  It's driving my bl**dy bonkers looking at it.  I tend to hide in my room to avoid looking at it.

Reason 2.  It's just not the best background for this lovely little pup and his buddies.  He's really not that little, but I found him tucked in the corner of a very dusty second hand store and HAD to bring him home. As you can see, I have a tiny collection of tiny dogs.

Reason 3.  Middle J, my wonderful Navy boy, graduates from Boot Camp in just 21 days!  He's doing marvelously and we'll be making the long trip to Chicago to see him graduate.  What's that got to do with my manky wall you say?  Well someone has to stay home and take care of the dog pack - not the ones on my mantle, the furry ones that rule my house.  A friend has kindly offered to dog sit for me - heaven help her I say!  After three days, she'll never offer to do it again.  ☺

Well I must be off.  Thank you for the lovely comments on my Spring Flower Cross Stitch. I did spend a few evenings working on my horse, only to discover there is a reason I don't enjoy cross stitch anymore - I can't see the blinking stitches!  Even with new glasses, it's a struggle.  I guess that's one of the pitfalls of crossing the big '40' line.

Thank you for stopping by!  Wishing you all a lovely weekend. 

Toodles...L x ♥


Babajeza said...

I have a "black spot" in my living room too and haven't managed to fix it although it was on my to-do-list for these holidays.
The blue cardigan is lovely.

And last but not least I have my glasses all over the house. However, it is hard to work with artificial light. These new ecofriendly light bulbs are even worse.

Wish you a nice weekend!

Louise said...

Hello Louise, I feel like we haven't had a good catch up in a while. Lovely yarn and jumper cant wait to see whats next. Wow graduation good lad. speak soon

Louise said...

Laughed at the pics on your wall. There is definately something similar going at No.23, ours is a ceiling. Why not finish the wall (imigine the satisfaction once its done) then on your long journey to see your son graduate start a nice new project with the surpise wool. I too have bursts of crafting then nothing. Im sure your mojo's just around the corner.
louise x

Baa-Me Kniits said...

I love your Cardi, its coming along nicely...Did you see Alice's lovely one? I want to cast this on but after looking at the Ravelry members photos I have no idea what size as it seems to look awful if clinging to the bust. Nice wool present you got yourself....what are you going to make?
Don't worry about the wall your dogsitter is going to be too busy to look at it anyway :-)

Nice collections on the fireplace, love all the little horses too :-)