Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bits and Bobs

As usual, I'm all over the place these days.  A bit out of sorts, but I'm going in for a 'tune up' in a couple of weeks that should sort things out.  It's amazing how one bit of your body can affect another?  Anyway, I've probably said too much on that subject.

I didn't take these photos over our long weekend.
No, no, no, that would involve me using my brain. 
We went away in the caravan again and yet again I forgot the camera.  
I'm changing my name to 'Utterly Hopeless' or 'Wibbly Wobbly Brain'.
On the up side, the weather has continued to be glorious.
 So glorious in fact that my broccoli, which I photographed a week ago, made the most of the glorious sunshine, did some serious growing and decided to go to seed whilst we were away for the weekend.  Little J was not impressed - he l♥ves broccoli.
 Ahhh....my peonies.  They really have their act together this year.  Last year I believe I had three flowers, this year there have been loads.
 I even took a little bud to work with me and enjoyed it for the whole week on my desk. A real treat.
 The ants of course love my peonies. I have heard that they don't flower without ants, but I'm not sure if that's fact or fiction. Now if I were an ant, these would be my flowers of choice to set up home on.
 Despite my wibbly wobbly brain, I've got my sewing mojo back. 
 Stitched myself another shirt from the one I chopped up.  This one is made of the lightest coolest lawn fabric I found on sale for only $5 per yard.  I ♥ it!
 I've even  been doing some hooking.  Just using up my left over bits and bobs of woolly goodness.
 The weather has been so lovely I've spent ages on my back veranda, enjoying the sunshine and a little stitching goodness - it's good for my wibbly wobbly brain I've decided.
This little hooking project is actually finished, well the hooking part that is. It's had one little trip through the washer, but I think it needs another! 
Will show you very soon.....I'm excited about this one.

Toodles...L x ♥

P.S. Thank you for stopping by!  I hope things are wonderful with you, wherever you are in the world. 


marigold jam said...

Do hope your wibbly wobbly brain is nothing too serious and that you will be back on keel soon. Love your flower pics - if I were an ant I'd live there too!

Louise said...

wibbly wobbly fact of life I think. So glad you are having lovely sunshine, we have had some too, its so nice to sit out. Your garden looks very colourful. I really must get back to blogging but I often forget my camera also!!!

Louise said...

Your peonies are beautiful, especially the second one. I too am terrible at fogetting the camera, We have signets on our mere, they are growing rapidly. finally remembered the camera. Hurrah!!
louise x

...Tabiboo... said...

Those peonies are gorgeous.

Have a lovely weekend

Nina xxx

Tea at Weasel's said...

Lovely photo's!... Gorgeous shirt, you're so good at sewing!! Can't wait to see what you've been hooking up too!!!

Enjoy the sun :)

Louise xx