Sunday, June 24, 2012

**Sunday ☺ Smile**

Lovely Lavender in my garden, which the bees are enjoying but refusing to be photographed.  See the sneaky leaves in the bottom right hand corner?  I've got half a dozen cheeky tomato plants that have self seeded from last year, I think thanks to the mild winter.
Finally the perfect pattern for the yarn I bought way back at Christmas.  The pattern is here and super easy. 
 My little apples are getting bigger and bigger!!!  It's not like I thought they'd get smaller, I'm just amazed they are surviving!
 A little Sunday Treat whose photo refuses to cooperate.  Oh! and do you see those lovely floors?  The Mister has been hard at work fancying up the place.
 Little J has nurtured this amazing sunflower from a tiny seedling he was given on a school field trip.  He had no idea what type of plant it would be and I have never seen him take such great care and interest in a plant.  Usually I am begging him not to destroy the garden.  I have to say the colours of the photograph of this sunflower took my breath away. I'm not sure it looks this good in real life.
 A new addition at the Gephart.  Of course you'll never guess what this is.....he he he
 Yep, I did it again!  But honestly, how could I say no?  Isn't she beautiful?  I really only wanted the cabinet to use as a sewing table, but when I saw the machine I couldn't say no and I think she was $50 well spent.  Oh it's a Singer 24 chain stitch machine (no bobbin) from 1911.  She came from a gentlemen who lives near Antietam battlefield, but apparently she belong to a very wealthy lady who lived in my town.  Her husband owned most of the coal mines in our area and they were very well to do, so the machine is back where it started.
This machine was sold as a domestic and industrial sewing machine AND as a toy machine.  It is quite petite.
Oh and the best bit, those drawers weren't empty.
Beautiful Singer tin with the original attachments.
 Lovely old buttons.  One drawer is overflowing with them.  I just love the little card, apparently these are pearl.
 The tiniest lace doily I have ever seen - the needles show just how small it is.  Loads of needles too, thank goodness as I believe these machine needles, which are tiny, are hard to find.
 And of course, the key.
I hope your Sunday is making you smile too!

Toodles...L x ♥


marigold jam said...

Lovely crochet Louise. What a collectors' piece you have there in that old machine and all the little bits too.

Louise said...

wow what a find!!!

Babajeza said...

This machine is beautiful. Look at those ornaments!

It sure would make me smile too.

Louise said...

What a gem. That arm is very big, Could you quilt on it? A lovely piece.
louise x

tj said...

...Hello, I adore your sewing machine and have been looking for an industrial treadle machine for some time. I know you would probably never want to part with it but in the event you ever do, please contact me as I would be very interested. Of course I would take care of shipping arrangements and all.

...Such a lovely find - enjoy! :o)