Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Just a little shade of blue....

So...... get myself out of the gloom I've take a moment to enjoy the things that make me smile.

Lovely Lavender from my garden.
Nothing makes me smile like the beautiful scent of lavender.
Added a border to my 200 squares quilt. 
(actually it's only 196 so as to make the sides even)
Smiling because it all came from my stash.
Not crying when I cut the fabric wrong TWICE!
It is after all, just fabric - I can always buy more! :-)
 Doing my daily 'apple check'.
Smiling at the thought of eating these!
Hurry up and grow apples!
 Grinning from ear to ear over the lovely gift my friend bought be back from Disney!  She knows I am a proud Australian who is VERY proud of her English heritage.
 Smiling at my colourful and growing ball jug collection.
 Admiring and smiling at my poor old (15 years old) pooch who still manages to find the best seat in the house - Little J's TV viewing spot.
 Loving that Little J insists we make a cup of tea in his latest junk shop find.  Little J does love his cuppa.
 Smiling that my stupidity means I'd rather deal with an out of focus photo than take five minutes to read my fancy camera manual.
Just loving that it is no longer a thousand degrees and I can go outside and enjoy my view.

I hope wherever your Wednesday finds you, you are smiling.

Two days till the weekend!


Toodles...L x ♥


Louise said...

Happy belated Birthday Middle J.
We all have days like you are having, chin up as my mum used to say. Little J has it right. A good cup of tea always makes things right :)
louise x

Louise said...

Aww sorry to hear you have the blues. You're doing the right thing, count your blessings as my Grandma used to say (not always easy) find something to have a smile about or even a cry. I'm sending hugs maybe we need a swapsie planning, I'm thinking red white and blue!!!!!!
Lou xxx