Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Sewing - Another Dress!

Another dress from this super easy pattern (view C).  It's actually a pattern for a blouse, but I just lengthen it a bit. In total it took me less than two hours to make. 

I've made it as a blouse twice and once before as a dress.  Its super super easy to make and I like the fact I can wear it with or without leggings and that it doesn't cling!  It's always a winner in my books if it can cover the wobbly bits.

Toodles...L x ♥


marigold jam said...

Looks great. I could do with something like that to as you say "cover the wobbly bits"!! Is it any cooler where you are?

Louise said...

Hello Speedy
Im impressed, 2 hours!! I'd need something bigger for my wobbly bits. It looks like you've lined it as well. Its fun when things come together fast.
louise x

Louise said...

That is one trendy frock.

Babajeza said...

I would love to have a dress like yours together with leggins of course because it's quite cold here. I'm wearing woolen socks and an undershirt, a t-shirt a shirt and a second shirt. Brrrrr. At least the sun is back!
We are still at home. Life is not alwaly following our plans.

Dawn L (CatCrazy) said...

I am soooo jealous!! It's gorgeous :-) I don't suppose you could spare a few weeks to teach me how to use my sewing machine??

Tea at Weasel's said...

You are so clever Louise! I could never attempt anything like that, it would come out all wonky or lop-sided!! Haha. I love the fabric!

Thank you for your kind comment, hope you and your family are well :)

Louise xxx

Francis Gortmaker said...

Nice pattern, nice color! And I love your Singer Featherweight in the caravan! Sewing with a different environment all the day.