Monday, September 24, 2012

Well Then

I had the most urgent need to blog this evening about my latest makes....blanket progress, scarf knitting and a new cardi in the works.  As I felt that I have desperately neglected my poor old blog of late.
But this was not to be.
Instead I was informed my sewing 'crap' must vacate Oldest Boy's bedroom asap, so oldest boy 'crap' temporarily stored in basement since his recent return home, can be moved to his room and therefore make way for new washing machine. 
New washing machine which is arriving TOMORROW. 
So instead, I had to create the tiniest of sewing spaces in the far corner of my small dining room.  Apparently my sewing 'crap' has grown substantially since Oldest Boy went off to college two years ago.
Here is said space, with nearly all my sewing 'crap' tucked neatly underneath....oh, but only one of my too many sewing machines. 
 But to make this post a tiny bit more interesting, I thought I'd show my latest and most favoritest find. 
A white church pew. 
Which has nothing to do with my sewing space, but isn't she a beauty? She has replaced two old chairs and deemed to be 'the best homework helping spot ever' by Youngest Boy, Little J.
I've realized of late that my making and blogging has been consumed by my uncontrollable urge to surf the Internet till I reach the END. I discovered I was spending WAAAYYYY too much time looking on the silly old Internet at what other people make and silly old sewing machines and not making anything and thus enjoying the lovely old sewing machines I have! 
Silly old me.
Of course, I may have stopped looking, but I could pass up this recent flea market find. 
Naughty me. 
There definitely wasn't room in my house for aNOther sewing machine, unless of course she was just 5 inches tall.  She HAS to be the last because the Misters eyeballs have still not returned to proper seeing position since I snuck this one home.  
 An then just to make this post even the tiniest bit interesting, because I'm pretty sure someone has fallen asleep mid post, a tiny ta-dah, because I have actually made something of late.  ☺
A little house quilt to cover my beloved Bernina.
She has lovely hearts on the back, but I forgot to photo those ☺.
Now hopefully this cover won't get much use.  Because hopefully I have surfed my way to the end of the Internet and now I'll start putting all those fabulous ideas I have spied into action.
Toodles....L x ♥


marigold jam said...

I did enjoy this post. I think many of us can empathise with your need to follow to the end some search or other on the internet and thus waste the time we might otherwise have used for something more creative and useful!! I am sure your lovely Bernina will enjoy its beautiful cover but as you say let's hope that it is only put to sleep under it at night as you will be too busy using it to cover it!!

Louise said...

I seem to spend way too much time surfing the net looking at other people's handiwork,and not enough time at my machine.
I have little table similar to yours in the corner of my bedroom. Not the ideal place. Small houses its an art creating room for our 'sewing crap' Love the little cover how clever, I shall have to make a couple for my machines.
Louise x said...

I seem to be forever moving my sewing 'crap' around and stuffing things into little hidy holes!

Babajeza said...

Oh You! I love the bench, the sewing machine and the quilt: :-)))

Louise said...

Bah! Oh how I laughed. I love the machine cover its sooo pretty.

Two Wednesdays said...

I seem to spend all my free time on the Internet doing the same thing too - rather than actually making (or even blogging myself).
Your Bernina Cover is gorgeous - you are very talented.