Monday, October 8, 2012

Eighth of October

I hope your Monday is treating you well.
The weather here today is cold and wet.  A bit miserable really, but better than the hot weather we had this summer.
As you can see the leaves are slowly beginning to change.
I love my view, perfect for weather watching.
Although, I would LOVE to have this view.
This picture hangs in my dining room. Painted by my uncle, my Mum's brother.  I often admire it and wonder where he was when he painted this.  He lives in Suffolk, England, but I don't recall there being many hills of this size in Suffolk.
It's beautiful, isn't it?  One of my favorite things.
I realized today that the colours are quite similar to one of my recent makes. 
 I love this range of colours, I think they are 'me'.  I could wear them or stare at them day after day and be quite happy.
 Of course my latest make is a Lucy Bag. I love this pattern, I could make a dozen of them and never be bored.
The perfect size for the standard cr@p you carry and a little extra for a small knitting project.  I made this bag from Cascade 220 yarn. I LOVE this yarn. I've not used it before, but for the price and colours this is some seriously scrumptious yarn.
Well I must be off, homework is calling early tonight. Which really means Little J is itching to get homework done so he can squeeze in some video game action before bedtime.
Toodles...L x x3


marigold jam said...

Lovely view, lovely painting and no definitely not Suffolk! Lovely bag too.

Babajeza said...

I like your view! I pet you can see people walking by or a car driving away. And the trees are great!

Louise said...

Love this bag,and the colours, I have that pattern printed off, but yet to make it. Started going to a local knit and natter, all the ladies have really nice bags for their wips, this would be ideal, cheers
Louise x