Saturday, November 10, 2012

I Made These Tea Leaves!

Yes!!! It's done.  My lovely Tea Leaves Cardigan is FINALLY finished.
Thank you Regula, for that little push of encouragement, couldn't have done it without you!

I had many more lovelier photos of my Tea Leaves, but blogger decided to load them all sides.  No idea what that was about.
Anyway, I love my new cardi. The yarn is Lion Brand Tweed Stripes.  It's probably a bit too chunky for this pattern and the cardi is a wee bit big, but ever so soft. Honestly a bit of a bugger to knit with too - very splitty.  I have discovered that knitting sleeves on DPN's is a pain in the @rse and purling on them is some form of torture.  I struggled with the front bands, three attempts to get them even.  Next time I think I might just include them in the body.  The buttons are vintage ones from my stash, they came with the machine.  Not too sure if they work. They look better in real life - what do you think?
I will definitely make another Tea Leaves, I love the pattern so very simple.
Of course, my flowers scarf is patiently waiting for three more flowers.
Toodles...L x ♥
P.S. Thank you for all your support with your lovely comments on my blog, I do appreciate every single one of them. Special thanks to Jane and Regula for their words of encouragement on my Middle J still being out at sea.  Yesterday, via the ship's newsletter, I got my first photos of him working hard on the ship.  Suddenly made it all very real that he's not longer my little boy!


Alice said...

oh my god, it is totally gorgeous! you are so clever, I have this pattern qued (how do you spell that word???!!!) but I a too chicken to try it yet!
love it Louise, X

Helsie said...

Love it! Make another one, the style is great.
PS. Alice it's "queued" silly word and spelling but it comes from
French I think!!

Babajeza said...

Hi Louise

The cardigan is finished. Great! :-)

Louise said...

What a great job well done. Love the wool. I've just knitted some socks in similar wool, and that too kept splitting. I love how these wools subtly change colour, almost without noticing.
Louise x

millefeuilles said...

Dear Louise,

Oh My Goodness! Your Tea Leaves is flipping beautiful! Congratulations, really! I've been knitting for almost three years now and I think knitting my tea leaves last Christmas marked some kind of turning point. Does that make sense to you? I did laugh at your observations about the sleeve knitting, etc. Absolutely true every word of it!

Wishing you a beautiful start to your week.


ps It's good to be back ;-)