Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Six and Eleven

Happy November.
I don't know where October has gone, it slipped by quietly and far too quickly for my liking.
Nothing exciting has happened to explain my absence. 
Just life.
I am sad to say that while the leaves have been turning, my Middle J has not returns from the seas. 
Within hours of receiving the official "we'll be home on this date" notice via snail mail, we received an email and were told it was not to be.

 Fingers crossed the notice we received this week stays true and and my Middle J will be home before Christmas, but not Thanksgiving.
Our leaves are no longer this beautiful. 
That naughty storm Sandy came and blew them all away.  Despite some frightening winds and mega snow fall on our mountain we survived with only outages on our cable TV/Internet.
Our thoughts and prayers are with our neighbors to the north who did not fair so well.
 Before the storm we enjoyed some glorious weather and a trip up the mountain to Oakland, Maryland.
We enjoyed their beautiful, although no longer functioning train station.
 A fabulous, although rather long parade.  I love parades, but the exhaust fumes from all the cars should come with the surgeon generals warning!  I could barely breathe, I felt like I had a two pack a day habit!
 We had a purpose for enjoying this parade, although before the our highlight of the parade whizzed by our viewing spot the camera died. Typical
See those tiny little yellow cars at the top of the photo down there?
The Mister is driving one of those little yellow cars....in addition to being a Master Mason, he also belongs to this group.  The cars may be a little silly, but this group does wonderful things for unwell children
Shame the camera didn't cooperate, those cars really are a hoot!
 As the weather is getting colder, freezing cold today, frost on the car windows and a frozen fish pond, I've gathered some lovely lovely lavender from my garden.
 We spent last weekend tucking the caravan up for the winter.  Although I've told the Mister that the minute we have our first proper snowfall I'd love to spend the night in our caravan.  Fortunately he doesn't think I'm bonkers!
 My crafting mojo has been up and down.  Since the news of my Middle J's delayed returned I've found myself somewhat restless.  I've flitted back to my flowers scarf. (I started this sooooo long ago I can't even find first post about it!!!) 
I hope to have a little 'Ta-Dah' finally this week. 
 I'm been officially working from home full time now for five months. 
I *think* I love it? 
I certainly enjoy the extra few minutes in bed each morning and greeting Little J when he arrives home from school (no more childcare, yippee!)
Although I have nipped into the office once or twice and enjoyed the company of others.
 Ahhhh...my Tea Leaves cardi......seriously fantastic pattern.
 If you can believe it, it's just waiting for another sleeve. Actually the second sleeve is half way done.
Now if I could just get my bum in gear to finish it!
 I've found myself, whilst thinking about my Middle J, jotting down little houses.  One day I hope to make these houses into little applique pictures.  Right now they're stuck on paper.  In case you may not have noticed, my head is in a little muddle without my Middle J.
Once he is back on American soil, I know my mind will be at ease.
I'm counting the days now, not much longer I hope!
What have you been up to?
Did your October slip by as quietly as mine?
Toodles..L x ♥

P.S.  I've just read over this post.  Seriously the most disjointed post I've ever written!  My pea size brain is all over the place at the moment.  Congratulations if you made it to the end!


marigold jam said...

Do hope Middle J is back soon. It must be hard having him away in the Navy like this. Love your little houses design and your cardigan is beautiful - to think you couldn't knit not so long ago! Love the quilt in your desk pic and your scarf is so colourful too. Sometimes a mixed post is good they don't all have to be on a single subject after all.

Babajeza said...

Hopefully, your son will be back for Christmas. I can understand your feelings.
How great it would be if you could finish the scarf and the cardigan. Go for it! But don't be sad if not. It's okay either way.

Beautiful photographs by the way. :-)

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi Louise! Of course your thoughts are mixed and you feel restless when one is far away. Try to be busy with knitting and sewing - it helps for most of the things!
I love your new cardi and the quilt on your wall is so beautiful! I'm happy to see your drawing with houses - I think that could be perfect project for you now! x Teje