Saturday, December 1, 2012


I had a beautiful photo to post today, but unfortunately my account tells me I am out of space.  I have the choice of 'buying' space each month or bringing this blog to an end.  This Mister thinks this blog is silly and will never agree to buying space, even for just $2.50 a month :-(.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  I don't think I'm ready to quit just yet.


Babajeza said...

Hello Louise

Please, don't quit! It so great to read you!
You could delet older posts you don't "like" that much.
You could start another blog (new name), I'm sure the readers would follow you.
You could look for a sponsor/sponsors.
Wouldn't it be a lovely Christmas/birthday present to upgrade your blog?
You could handcraft something and sell it to pay the fee for the blog.
You could not buy a specific thing but put the money in a sparschwein (save the money).


marigold jam said...

You cou7ld start a new blog - just tell us it's name and we'd follow you there. I know I'd miss you if you quit.

Louise said...

Hi louise
I agree with the other ladies, just start another blog. I enjoy reading your posts from your little corner of the world.
It seems alot of Bloggers are stopping blogging at the moment. I Do hope you reconsider
Louise x

Dawn L (CatCrazy) said...

Definitely start another blog!!

I know I don't comment, but I would really miss reading your blog!! I know a lot of others would too - you really can't leave us!!

Helsie said...

Firstly I don't think paying $30 a year is a huge amount to pay for something that gives you pleasure and is a nice hobby so I'm sure it would make a nice Christmas gift from your boys perhaps?(or yourself??).I've been paying for two years now as I reached my limit ages ago ( but lucky for me the charge was only $5 a year when I signed up )
If you just can't manage that then get yourself a new gmail account and start a new blog using it. Just leave a photoless post on this blog asking us to visit and we'll all see you there.
Just don't stop !!!

Yvonne Moxon said...

I would miss your posts too :( the same thing happened to me and I decided to pay up :/ but I would be happy to follow you to another blog :)

Teje Karjalainen said...

Don't stop!!!! Louise, you can just start a new blog! I have been thinking for a while to start the second chapter for my blog - new blog but with a litle bit different look. I don't want to change very much my blog, but now I have there so many things that I would need more space. If you start new you can choose different theme if you like. Just tell us the new address and we follow! x Teje

Barry said...

No, sorry, you can't stop now. I would miss your blog too.

You can tell your Mr that this Mr pays nearly £200 pounds a year to keep his web site going so he can hardly complain about a piddling little sum like that.

Keep up the good work!

Barry from BeenThere-DoneThat

Anonymous said...

I've only just found your blog and I already love what I've seen. Please don't stop. If you do start another blog everyone would follow. Maybe call it gephart8362. That way if anyone searches for it they will hopefully find the new one as well :-) Elle