Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bits and Bobs

As usual, I'm all over the place these days.  A bit out of sorts, but I'm going in for a 'tune up' in a couple of weeks that should sort things out.  It's amazing how one bit of your body can affect another?  Anyway, I've probably said too much on that subject.

I didn't take these photos over our long weekend.
No, no, no, that would involve me using my brain. 
We went away in the caravan again and yet again I forgot the camera.  
I'm changing my name to 'Utterly Hopeless' or 'Wibbly Wobbly Brain'.
On the up side, the weather has continued to be glorious.
 So glorious in fact that my broccoli, which I photographed a week ago, made the most of the glorious sunshine, did some serious growing and decided to go to seed whilst we were away for the weekend.  Little J was not impressed - he l♥ves broccoli.
 Ahhh....my peonies.  They really have their act together this year.  Last year I believe I had three flowers, this year there have been loads.
 I even took a little bud to work with me and enjoyed it for the whole week on my desk. A real treat.
 The ants of course love my peonies. I have heard that they don't flower without ants, but I'm not sure if that's fact or fiction. Now if I were an ant, these would be my flowers of choice to set up home on.
 Despite my wibbly wobbly brain, I've got my sewing mojo back. 
 Stitched myself another shirt from the one I chopped up.  This one is made of the lightest coolest lawn fabric I found on sale for only $5 per yard.  I ♥ it!
 I've even  been doing some hooking.  Just using up my left over bits and bobs of woolly goodness.
 The weather has been so lovely I've spent ages on my back veranda, enjoying the sunshine and a little stitching goodness - it's good for my wibbly wobbly brain I've decided.
This little hooking project is actually finished, well the hooking part that is. It's had one little trip through the washer, but I think it needs another! 
Will show you very soon.....I'm excited about this one.

Toodles...L x ♥

P.S. Thank you for stopping by!  I hope things are wonderful with you, wherever you are in the world. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

To The Windy City!

I won't bore you with alot of Navy Graduation photos or talk. To be honest, there aren't that many on my camera, the batteries went kaput 15 minutes into graduation - just my luck.  Here are few though, just for the blogging record - I love to look  back over old posts to remember....

Arriving in Chicago on the most glorious day - scrambling for money to pay yet another toll! 
(Please excuse the bug carnage on the windshield)

 Getting ready to cross the Skyway - Good job I was occupied with my camera, or I might have been a bit scared, not that fond of bridges.
 Look at 'em big tall buildings - we don't have those back at the Gephart Patch.
 Crawling through the city - fortunately the buildings and greenery occupied me while the Mister dealt with the traffic jam.  Loads of old brick buildings and fancy new skyscrapers and beautiful flower gardens.
 Graduation is getting ready to start - camera batteries are dying.  My boy is in the back somewhere under the screen with the 'X' on it.  Apparently he could see us, but we couldn't see him.
 Hanging out by Lake Michigan, waiting for the Navy Man to check in for school/training.  It was one cold and blustery day!  We were spoilt on graduation day with sunny weather, but were prohibited from taking any photos outside of the graduation hall on the base, so no lovely photos with pretty blue skies - phooey on National Security (not really).
 After 324 attempts I finally got a photo of Mr. Seagulls face.   He was apparently camera shy.  He looks annoyed, doesn't he?
 Lovely little cafe by the water, unfortunately it wasn't open.  The Mister and Little J scurrying back to the warmth of the car.
 And the Navy Man himself.  Looking smart in yet another uniform.  He was pretty annoyed with me at this point - taking photos, telling him how smart he looked, hugging him and doing annoying Mum things.  No more photos after this...

Middle J has already been assigned to his ship and we are most fortunate that it's not on the other side of the country.  Just far away enough for him not to be pestered by us too often. ☺

Toodles...L x ♥

P.S.  I promised to post more crafting and less Navy Man stuff. My cardigan is coming along a treat!  I'm off for to knit some more rows...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Back to Normal

After a long 10 hour car trip to Chicago and back at the end of last week and weekend, things are slowly returning to normal here.   Slowly.  The Mister and Little J are out back power washing the back verandah. I'm inside admiring the needlework I purchase at an emergency stop in Greenville, Indiana on the way home.  The only emergency being that if I didn't get out of the car for five minutes and indulge in some thrift store therapy, I was going to go nuts.

Must be off, loads of blog hopping to catch up on.
Toodles....L x ♥

P.S. Will post more photos tomorrow, but for those who don't see me on Facebook and weren't bored to tears with the photos I posted on the 'big day', the trip to the Windy City was to see this boy.  Yes!  That's my Middle J.  All grown up and graduated from Navy Basic Training.  I'm a tiny bit proud of him, so I simply had to post his official photo.  Doesn't he look smart in his fancy dress blues?  Just a tiny photo, so as not to embarass him.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Sewing Dress

I have had an unbelievably productive day today, for a Sunday. No lazing around for me. I've been up since 6:20am and have managed a Mega Sewing Sunday!  In addition to the dress below I've made some lovely soft PJ's pants for myself, lopped the legs off some old pants of Little J's so he can wear them as shorts to play in and I've hemmed some curtains I made two weeks ago(not done yet with those, but nearly).  I won't bore you with photos of those items, but I'm so pleased with my dress that I just had to post some photos.
And here is the dress I made! I'm so happy with the way it turned out, even if it looks like a bit of a sack.
 I actually bought the pattern at Wally World (that's Wal-Mart/Asda)for a whopping 99 Cents.  It's call Simplicity Sew Simple E2004.  It was ridiculously easy and quick to make. 
In fact, I'm so happy with the way it turned out, I've even included the incredibily bad self portrait photo of me actually wearing it!! I won't tell you how many photos I had to take before I got one that isn't too terrifying.

The pattern calls for it to be worn with a belt, but I prefer it tunic style.  I think it will be super comfortable on those long hot humid summer days.

Hope you had a lovely weekend and got up to something fun.

Toodles...L x ♥

P.S. You can actually get a sneak peek of the curtains in my last photo.  Lovely fabric I bought at Ikea a couple of weeks ago.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Owl & The Sun

Hello & Happy Thursday!

Thank it for stopping by for a little visit.

As you can see, it's a very sunny and unusually warm day here today.  We've been having some very sunny weather this last few weeks and I wish I could send some blue sky across the pond to England to those poor folks who have been inundated with the wet stuff.  We could actually use a few drops over here and would gladly take just a tiny sprinkling if you could send some this way?  Just enough so I don't have to water the veggie patch again this evening.

Last week my very lovely boss gave me these beautiful flowers for Administrative Professionals Day.  Every year she has this enormous wicker washing basket full of flowers delivered to my office and every year it surprises me.  My boss is a lovely and very generous lady.  I've worked with her for 16 years now and couldn't ask for a better boss. 
 Now I *think* these tiny and ever so sweet flowers are called "Lantana", but I'm not certain.  Anyway, they are considered annuals in our area and never survive the winter.  But I remember back home (Western Australia) my Mum and an enormous bush of these flowers growing right outside the bathroom window. It must have been five feet tall and just as wide. I always marveled that one flower was actually made up of loads of tiny flowers changing colour from the centre out - AMAZING.
I've spent the evening popping a few of the flowers into my garden. Not all of them yet as they are not all ready to brave the elements.  If you can believe it there are 12 different types of flowers tucked into this basket - it's quite big
 On another note, I spent all day at work yesterday day dreaming this little bloke up in my head.  He's not quite as I envisioned, but perhaps his brother will be?

Again, thank you for stopping by. Your visits and lovely comments are ever so much appreciated.  They really do brighten my day.

I'm off to water my cabbages and carrots!

Toodles .... L x ♥