Tuesday, September 25, 2012

On the go...In my basket

The light is fading fast these days. Autumn is definitely upon us.  The nights are getting very chilly and I can feel the end of the year drawing close.  I love this time of year. I love sitting on my front veranda enjoying the cool evenings.  Taking one of my many project baskets out into the cool evening and working on one of my many many projects.
Would you like to see the current items in my various W.I.Ps. baskets?
Another scarf.  Intended for my boss' birthday, but not yet finished.  Her birthday is long past.
 My diagonal stripe blanket. I routinely fall in and out of love with this blanket. The colours are iffy and the pattern isn't very fluid - meaning the stitches don't flow very easily, if that makes sense?  I contemplated abandoning it, but Big J said he liked the colours, so I persist in the hope it will live on his bed.

A few little knitted squares made from left over granny stripe yarn.  I pick this up when I am bored with all my other projects and need something mindless to work on.  It's perfect crafting whilst watching Doc Martin or Midsomer Murders.  I never seem to be able to just sit and watch the TV anymore, my hands always have to be doing something.  

My scrap blanket.  Made entirely from scraps occasionally emerges from its  little tartan suitcase.  I frequently forget about this project. I've started edging it, but have decided it's too small and needs more squares.  Now I look at the photo I don't know why I forget about this project so much, it really is quite lovely.
 Ahhhh.....my FAVORITE project.  A lovely tea leaves cardigan.  I'm really starting to get the hang of this knitting business.
 This is lion brand tweed stripes yarn. Snugly soft with a tiny hint of stripey goodness.
 Last, but not least my ripple.  Make from the yarn I purchased for two failed cardigan attempts.  I know I'm going to need more yarn to make this a decent size blanket, so I'm eeking out the yarn I have by only working on it occasionally. I love the ripple pattern (by Lucie @ Attic24 of course).  It has such a soothing rhythm.
Well that's it!  Mostly yarny projects on the go right now.  Far too many of course, but that's how I roll.  It used to bother me that I had so many going at once, but now I just accept that it must be the way I like things?
Toodles...L x ♥

Monday, September 24, 2012

Well Then

I had the most urgent need to blog this evening about my latest makes....blanket progress, scarf knitting and a new cardi in the works.  As I felt that I have desperately neglected my poor old blog of late.
But this was not to be.
Instead I was informed my sewing 'crap' must vacate Oldest Boy's bedroom asap, so oldest boy 'crap' temporarily stored in basement since his recent return home, can be moved to his room and therefore make way for new washing machine. 
New washing machine which is arriving TOMORROW. 
So instead, I had to create the tiniest of sewing spaces in the far corner of my small dining room.  Apparently my sewing 'crap' has grown substantially since Oldest Boy went off to college two years ago.
Here is said space, with nearly all my sewing 'crap' tucked neatly underneath....oh, but only one of my too many sewing machines. 
 But to make this post a tiny bit more interesting, I thought I'd show my latest and most favoritest find. 
A white church pew. 
Which has nothing to do with my sewing space, but isn't she a beauty? She has replaced two old chairs and deemed to be 'the best homework helping spot ever' by Youngest Boy, Little J.
I've realized of late that my making and blogging has been consumed by my uncontrollable urge to surf the Internet till I reach the END. I discovered I was spending WAAAYYYY too much time looking on the silly old Internet at what other people make and silly old sewing machines and not making anything and thus enjoying the lovely old sewing machines I have! 
Silly old me.
Of course, I may have stopped looking, but I could pass up this recent flea market find. 
Naughty me. 
There definitely wasn't room in my house for aNOther sewing machine, unless of course she was just 5 inches tall.  She HAS to be the last because the Misters eyeballs have still not returned to proper seeing position since I snuck this one home.  
 An then just to make this post even the tiniest bit interesting, because I'm pretty sure someone has fallen asleep mid post, a tiny ta-dah, because I have actually made something of late.  ☺
A little house quilt to cover my beloved Bernina.
She has lovely hearts on the back, but I forgot to photo those ☺.
Now hopefully this cover won't get much use.  Because hopefully I have surfed my way to the end of the Internet and now I'll start putting all those fabulous ideas I have spied into action.
Toodles....L x ♥

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Soothing Sky - Autumn Evening

Just a few quiet words this evening....
I've been sitting in the back garden, enjoying the mildest of weather - autumn is almost here.
Enjoying the sound of children playing, but quietly trying to hide.

Peaking out from my back garden, knitting a few lines and looking up at the sky.
Trying ever so hard to slow my heart beat, which has been quicken by a stressful day.

A day that has challenged my protective motherly instincts and caused me to shed a few tears.
Please tell my why, that even after 20 years of mothering my boy, I still cannot let go, I still cannot resist the urge to pull him under my wing and protect him from the world?
Why is it so hard to let them learn from their mistakes and not just fix it for them?
There has been a change of direction, a bit of a surprise, yet nothing I wasn't expecting....just adjusting to.
Toodles...L x ♥

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Stitching Again....

All household chores have been abandoned, the bathroom may now require a professional hazmat crew to clean it, but my little Bernina and I have been stitching up a storm!
What have you been up to?
Toodls...L x ♥