Tuesday, October 9, 2012

:: Log Cabin Squares ::

I can't decide....

 Should I make another quilt with these blocks?
Or a curtain for my stairwell to replace this one which is long gone?  Our stairwell is very bright and I thought these colours would look lovely with the sunlight shining through?  But then I thought it would also make a fabulous quilt for the caravan.
What do you think?
Toodles...L x ♥

Monday, October 8, 2012

Eighth of October

I hope your Monday is treating you well.
The weather here today is cold and wet.  A bit miserable really, but better than the hot weather we had this summer.
As you can see the leaves are slowly beginning to change.
I love my view, perfect for weather watching.
Although, I would LOVE to have this view.
This picture hangs in my dining room. Painted by my uncle, my Mum's brother.  I often admire it and wonder where he was when he painted this.  He lives in Suffolk, England, but I don't recall there being many hills of this size in Suffolk.
It's beautiful, isn't it?  One of my favorite things.
I realized today that the colours are quite similar to one of my recent makes. 
 I love this range of colours, I think they are 'me'.  I could wear them or stare at them day after day and be quite happy.
 Of course my latest make is a Lucy Bag. I love this pattern, I could make a dozen of them and never be bored.
The perfect size for the standard cr@p you carry and a little extra for a small knitting project.  I made this bag from Cascade 220 yarn. I LOVE this yarn. I've not used it before, but for the price and colours this is some seriously scrumptious yarn.
Well I must be off, homework is calling early tonight. Which really means Little J is itching to get homework done so he can squeeze in some video game action before bedtime.
Toodles...L x x3

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Arlington National Cemetery

Sometimes there are no words needed. 



Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fourth of October

It seems likes the days of October are slipping by fast.  I looked forward to this month, the cooling down and the leaves changing but so far there have been few smiles in this house this October month. 

We said good bye to our sweet Jack Russell last Saturday, it brings tears to my eyes to type those words, even though I know he is in a better place now after a long difficult year. 
To try and keep the tears at bay, I've been buying pumpkins that remind me of home....I'd never seen an orange pumpkin till I came to this country.  I have intentions of making soup, or roast pumpkin, but so far the motivation to do so has evaded me.....

We've been fancying up the house with new windows...not so much to make it fancy, but to keep out the winter chill before the weather cools down too much.

 I've been sorting through Halloween scraps......
 Making halloween pinwheels.....with the best intentions of making a festive table runner for Little J's birthday.
 But the sadness keeps hanging on, my sewing was short lived and was quickly slung onto my now very messy sewing table.

I miss that little guy.
Sorry if this post is glum, but I have actually found it helpful to put these words down.
On a more cheerful note I've just found our my boy Middle J is coming home soon.  
Very soon. 
He's done babysitting those naughty folks in the middle east who can't behave, done floating around the Arabian Sea hunting pirates and sailing his way home on that big ship.  I can't say when, because he can't say when, but big thanks to Little J for being born on a 'special' day so his brother can cryptically tell me when!!!! 
I'm smiling now, thinking of seeing my boy again.  God love these blogs and the special 'therapy' they can provide when times get tough.
Thank you for listening, it means so much.
Toodles...L x ♥

P.S. Blogger has been a bit of a b*gger this evening with my photos.  So rather than fighting a losing battle, I've found lying on my side is helpful in viewing some of these photos ☺